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Start your year knowing. Not guessing.

Start your year knowing. Not guessing.

December 30, 2020

New Year Campaign

Start your year knowing. Not guessing.

In our podcast we’ve interviewed many expert medics and scientists who all come to the same conclusion, it’s a myth of health as an end-state; instead you should focus on health as a journey with ups, downs and (too many) unknowns.

In this New Year series, we will help you to take advantage of what’s called the ‘Fresh Start’ effect in behavioural science - the fresh start is the energy and determination we feel when we’re able to wipe the slate clean using our January momentum to start a lifelong resolution of getting and staying healthy. We will turn some of these unknowns into knowns and help you to begin knowing and not guessing.

Why invest in worse case scenarios, when you could prepare for the best?

To help with this fresh start we’ll share four stories from both non-experts and experts on how knowing not guessing has impacted their lives and those they’ve worked with.

You’ll read about the downside of wasting time guessing with Robert’s story on how, if he’d tested earlier, he could have prevented the slow decline into Type II Diabetes and what he’d do differently now.

You can listen to Sophie Cassidy from the BBC Series ‘How to Stay Young’ describe the life-changing work they did to help seemingly healthy individuals really understand their biological age rather than their chronological age and just what they did to stay younger for longer.

You can share in one person’s experience of the fatigue that plagued them for years. From falling asleep at parties to the slow reduction in exercise and time playing with their children, we learn about the many years wasted before finding the answers they needed to get their life back on track.

Finally, you can listen to Melio’s very own Dr Joel McCay as he talks about how to get started, the importance of testing throughout life, and how he’s changed his own life and ultimately came to believe that knowledge is health. And that one of the best sources of knowledge is in your blood...

Check your health status today

If you want to find out more about your overall health you can book a General Health Check directly via Melio, at a time that suits you.

A trained health professional at one of our partner clinics will perform the blood draw, and send the sample to one of our UKAS accredited labs. All test results are individually checked by one of our in-house doctors, who will also write you a personal medical report with any further advice and guidance you may need.

Book your General Health Check blood test click here or use the chat button if you’d like talk to one of our specially trained advisors for more information.

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