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¿Qué incluye en el precio?

Incluye análisis de sangre con 58 marcadores y comentario médico con aclaraciones y recomendaciones.

¿Qué marcadores mide el análisis?

Mide marcadores relevantes y avanzados para la prevención de las áreas de salud más importantes.

¿Para quién está recomendado?

Está recomendado para cualquier persona que quiera conocer su estado de salud en profundidad y prevenir las enfermedades más prevalentes..

¿Por qué es importante hacerse este test?

Realizar un control de salud periódico permite detectar a tiempo enfermedades que posiblemente no presenten síntomas y no sean fáciles de percibir.

Marcadores incluidos en el análisis.

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How Melio works

Melio offers a premium health testing experience throughout the UK. A trained health professional at one of our partner clinics will perform the blood draw, and send the sample to one of our UKAS accredited labs. Results are delivered digitally in your personal Melio account together with a personalised medical report.

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    Register with Melio and book your appointment.

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    Visit the clinic and take your professional blood test.

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    Receive your digital report with recommendations from a Melio doctor.

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“The whole process has been super fast and easy. They solved my doubts in a professional and kind way. I wish all the websites would have such a personal and human customer service. I totally recommend it.”

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Jose Javier

“I bought a general health monitoring test for prevention reasons. I have always had high cholesterol but did not know to what extent it could indicate cardiovascular risk. With Melio I have learned a lot about health and healthy habits.”

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“I bought my test online in only 5 minutes without doctor’s prescription. I received the results very quickly and with detailed medical recomendations. It's perfect for tracking health markers.”

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